Pets – The Eczema trigger that we miss

In searching for the triggers of our daughters eczema we tried many things. Dust mite proof pillows, hypoallergenic washing powder, UV light treating her bed clothes, HEPA filter vacuum cleaners,  food allergy tests and many more. In all the time she was suffering we never considered pets. Maybe we just never thought of it or […]

Understanding food allergies role in eczema

Many children with eczema also have food allergies. Although in most cases food allergies are not the primary cause of eczema they can make it much worse. Food allergies occur when the immune system has incorrectly tagged a protein in a food as a pathogen (intruder). This may be caused by the protein penetrating the skins […]

Eczema Treatment Survey – The Results

For two weeks in June I ran a survey asking parents of children with eczema what their experience was of different treatments. 231 people responded. What the survey clearly shows is that what works for one child does not necessarily work for another. There was no treatment that had not worked for anybody. The most successful […]

The Eczema Cause Survey

Firstly a big thank you to the parents who took part in this survey. 110 people responded which is a pretty decent sample size. Here are the results along with my own analysis which is subject to all the flaws of someone who has no medical training trying to understand complicated medical issues. However to […]

Millies Probiotic Cream Trial

Those who follow my blog will know that I’m always searching for something that will improve my daughters eczema. You will also know of my recent interest in probiotic creams. The theory behind using probiotics on the skin rather than in the gut is that they can improve the balance of good and bad bacteria […]