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millie cropped

Our daughter Millie first showed signs of eczema when she was 2 months old. Just a few patches of dry skin. By the age of one there was more and it was angrier. It reached its peak when she turned 2. By now it was on her legs, arms and body. The only place that was clear was her face. At 2 1/2 it reached her face. By now it was very angry and frequently getting infected. In September 2014 she became very ill and spent a week in hospital.

Watching her suffer and feeling so helpless was the most awful experience of my life. I set up this page to help pass on what we learned from our experience in order to help parents in similar situations. I have learnt so much and Millies eczema (as the photo above shows) is now well controlled. Some of the photos in this blog are horrific but I think it is important to show them so people understand how serious eczema can be if it gets out of control.

My name is Martin Burridge and Im Millies dad and the author of these blogs. Im a Senior Product Assurance Engineer for Thales Alenia Space who make spacecraft and spacecraft payloads.

Mum is Crysta who runs an online business called Bunny Bumpkin which sells maternity, nursing and baby clothes and products.

We also have a son named Jake who is 2 years older than Millie.

millie and jake

Im sure our eczema journey isn’t over so I will continue to blog as we learn more about it.

I have no medical training so any advice given is subject to my limited understanding, unqualified interpretation and the experience we have had with just our daughter.

For the best advice on atopic eczema consult a qualified dermatologist.


One thought on “About us

  1. We had a similar problem with our daughter. Your comment “Watching her suffer and feeling so helpless was the most awful experience of my life.” made me recall how helpless I felt. Finally I coughed up the money for a treatment that I had seen a lot of but came off as extremely pseudo-sciency: Fermented cod liver oil (green Pasture is what we use) I’m an academic microbiologist and typically am as anti pseudo-science treatment as anyone – but I had to feel like I tried “everything.”

    I kid you not, her eczema was essentially gone in less than 3 weeks. She now takes CLO appx every other day (she’s 4 now) and rarely has any sign of flare ups.


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