Will probiotics help eczema?

Working in the space industry, I meet some pretty interesting people. Last year I was doing a course at the European Space Agency on how to make sure the European Mars Rover does not contaminate Mars with earth bacteria. (Exciting stuff eh?) One of the people teaching on the course was a microbiologist from the […]

Millies Manuka Honey Trial

Having read of Manuka honeys antibiotic properties I though I would try it on my daughters skin. She is currently on a steriod cream step down programme which was Week 1. Twice daily Week 2. Once daily Week 3. Every other day Week four onwards. 2 days off. One day on. The first 3 weeks […]

Millies Eczema Diary

This diary is to track Millies progress, the medication she has used and the results that we see. Hopefully if her treatment is successful it will help others. Most of the medications used have been prescribed by UK NHS Dermatologists. Prior to the start of the diary Millie had been suffering eczema since just a […]

What causes eczema and allergies?

From what I have read it seems eczema was always thought to be primarily genetic. A defect in the filaggrin gene means that the skin does not produce enough moisture. This inadequate epidermal barrier allowing irritants, microbes and allergens to penetrate the skin and cause adverse reactions. It is also thought that when food allergens penetrate the […]

What we learned about eczema

Watching our daughters eczema get progressively worse was awful. In September 2014 she was hospitalised due to infected eczema. She was very ill. She was lethargic and in a lot of pain. The  silver lining is that we  learned a lot from our experience about managing eczema and now have a much healthier daughter as a […]